On 20th January 2005 Liesl Müller appeared at Weyhill near Andover in a concert of Viennese Music.

From the very beginning Penny Weedon on the electronic organ set the tone perfectly with her beautiful interpretation of The Blue Danube, followed by the Annen Polka. Understandably the waltzes of Johann Strauss (Junior) featured prominently throughout the evening. The music of Schubert and Lehar was represented by An den Mond (To The Moon) and The Merry Widow respectively, before the melodies of Strauss returned with Vienna Life.

A vocal interlude, featuring Vienna-born singer Liesl Müller, faintly revived memories of Marlene Dietrich and the precision of Penny's accompaniment belied the fact that the two artists had only met a few minutes before the concert.

Liesl, who has performed at many prestigious European venues, sang two songs of Vienna and provided the audience with an introductory translation of each. It was obvious that, although now residing in England, she still retains a strong love for her birthplace. Liesl has made recordings in both French and German and her songs are essentially a tribute to the singers, composers and librettists of the twenties and thirties – although she is mostly known for her authentic interpretations of Viennese songs.

After the break, during which Austrian wine and Apfelstrudel were provided by the Anglo Austrian Society, Penny quickly transported everyone's thoughts back to Vienna with the Tritsch Tratsch Polka (another Strauss composition) and Liesl took the floor once again with two more beautiful Viennese songs.

It was indeed a special occasion and certainly a wonderful event.

The following programme was broadcast on Radio Oesterreich 1, also on shortwave worldwide as Radio Oe 1 International, from Vienna on Sunday 28th November 2004:



Programme presented by: Heinz Janisch

In the 1920s her father, Karl Mueller, was the owner of the legendary "Kabarett Simpl" in Vienna.

Her mother, Operetta and Cabaret star Rosl Berndt, often appeared there. When Liesl Müller - who has been living in England for many years - visits Vienna, a visit to the "Simpl" is always on her programme. In England Liesl Müller is known as Elizabeth Johnson. Mother of three daughters she founded the Elizabeth Johnson Organisation (EJO) which over the years has received more than 200,000 young people on English language courses and homestays in England.

However, at the same time there is Liesl Müller who again and again is on stage and under her maiden name sings Viennese songs, chansons and popular hits such as "Schön ist so ein Ringelspiel" or "In einem kleinen Cafe in Hernals".

Liesl's CD
is now also available from PREISER RECORDS, Vienna

Have you been to Vienna?
Would you like to visit or revisit this beautiful city?
To bring you the flavour of this unique city, what better than the wonderful music of the golden times of yesteryear.
Liesl Müller, Viennese daughter of operetta star Rosl Berndt and the Simpl cabaret owner Karl Müller,
combines the light hearted merriment of the
Vienna of music and wine.