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Wien und der Wein

Wien und der Wein Liesl Müller
sings Viennese songs

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  1. Ich muss wieder einmal in Grinzing sein!    
    Text und Musik: Ralph Benatsky
  2. Mei Muatterl war a Wienerin, drum
      hab I Wien so gem
    Text und Musik: Ludwig Gruber
  3. Wien, du Stadt meiner Träume    
    Text und Musik: Dr. Rudolf Sioczynski
  4. Das "Silberne Kanderl"    
    Text und Musik: P. P. Fiebrich
  5. Schön ist so ein Ringelspiel     
    Text: Peter Herz   Musik: Hermann Leopoldi
  6. Sag beim Abschied leise Servus    
    Text: Harry Hilm   Musik: Peter Krender (nach Johann Strauss)
  7. Geh, Peperl, plausch nicht    
    Text: Franz Prager   Musik: Victor Kortzhe
  8. In Wien gibts manch winziges Gasserl...    
    Text: K. Robitschek   Musik: Robert Stolz, op. 249
  9. In einem kleinen Café in Hernals    
    Text: Peter Herz   Musik: Hermann Leopoldi
  10. Drunt in der Lobau   
    Text: Eckhardt   Musik: Heinrich Strecker
  11. Im Prater blühn wieder die Bäume   
    Text und Musik: Robert Stolz

About this CD:

Heurigen - Vienna is surrounded by hills called Wienerwald. In the wine villages on the outskirts Grinzing, Sievering, Nußdorf etc. inns offer the Heurigen Wein (this year's wine), often grown by the innkeeper. Green leaves over the entrance (der Busch) welcome people to taste it. Often wandering musicians play in the inns - Heurigen- or Schrammelmusik.

Liesl Mller sings the songs that were popular in the first half of the 20th century, and many still are.

Ich muss wieder einmal in Grinzing sein

I want to be in Grinzing once again (Vienna suburb famous for its wine taverns and music)
It is Sunday. Father exhorts his wife and youngsters to dress in all their finery for an outing to Grinzing. There they drink wine, listen to music and spend a happy time. At night, having returned in high spirits under twinkling stars, they dream of the lovely time they had, and father reflects that God did a wonderful job in creating Sunday after six working days. For this we must be truly grateful.

In einem kleinen Café in Hernals

In a small Café in Hernals
I discovered a small homely café in the outskirts of Vienna. No velvet on armchairs, no pedal on the piano. The Grand Hotel is more fashionable, but the Café a thousand times cosier. Softly a gramophone is playing, two coffees are enough to ensure two happy hours, and when two lovers meet the waiters wink knowingly and discreetly look the other way.

Sag beim Abschied leise Servus

The Latin Servus (your servant) is used in Vienna as a charming, informal greeting among friends.
Nothing lasts for ever, not music, not happiness, not love, and when it comes to the parting of the ways, softly say Servus, not 'good-bye' or 'farewell', such words hurt. But Servus is a kind last word, and even if you never meet again it leaves you with a wonderful memory of your happy times together.

In Wien gibts manch winziges Gasserl

There's many a tiny alley in Vienna. Father urges wife and children to get ready for an outing, not into the country, as usual, but to explore the small, picturesque back streets of Vienna: sleepy houses, tiny taverns, soft music, golden wine, and he reminds his wife of their long-lost youth, of falling in love, kissing by moonlight, flowers in bloom, violins singing and total enchantment.

Drunt in der Lobau

Down there in the Lobau
(a beautiful country area on the Danube on the outskirts of Vienna)
A nostalgic song, a memory of youth, - alas, she cannot find the place where her young man kissed her, but she does remember every bit of that wonderful moment when they kissed: nightingales were singing, happiness laughed from a thousand branches, and they dreamt of everlasting love.

Im Prater blühn wieder die Bäume

The trees in the Prater (park and fairground in Vienna) are in bloom again
The trees in the Prater are in bloom again, the vines are growing in Sievering (vineyard area near Vienna), the scented greenery shines in the sunlight, wonderful dreams come into my head - it must be Springtime again.

Schön ist so ein Ringelspiel

This is a light-hearted Viennese song, the creation of two of mother's good friends, Hermann Leopoldi and the librettist and poet, Peter Herz, who had lived opposite us in Vienna.
To the background music of the merry-go-round in the Vienna Prater (fairground) a husband and his floozy, to their consternation, spot his wife with his lodger.

Mei Mutterl war a Wienerin, drum hab I Wien so gern

My mother was Viennese, that's why I love Vienna as I do.
On a lovely Sunday morning mother took me up the Kahlenberg. As we looked down on St. Stephen's Cathedral, the blue Danube and the sea of houses she gently stroked my hair and said solemnly: There is your home, your beautiful Vienna. Promise to keep it in your heart, and I always kept my promise.

Wien, du Stadt (meiner Träume)

Vienna, Vienna, oh city of my dreams, city of beautiful old houses and charming young girls. Whenever I am happy you are not far from my mind.

Das Silberne Kandl

The Little Silver Jug
I remember a small and cosy inn - the Little Silver Jug - where a jolly landlord and his pretty daughter served good wine and tasty food, and a casual visitor soon became a regular guest.
Nowadays the Little Silver Jug is a large, glamorous restaurant, frequented by the rich and famous, and it is hard to imagine what a happy place it once was when small and cosy.


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