Liesl Müller


There is an ongoing desire for cabaret and classical popular music.

Mabel Mercer Right at the beginning of the twentieth century up to the First World War and between the two Great Wars the art of the chanteuse developed. A chanson hovers between the melody of the song and the dramatic interpretive nuances the singer gives it.

Edith PiafYvette Guilbert from France, Mabel Mercer from England and above all artists of Berlin and Vienna excelled in the early genre. Piaf advanced the French chansons of Lucienne Boyer and Mistinguette; Marlene Dietrich and Greta Keller Mistinguettbrought the chansons to the concert halls of Europe and the night clubs of America. Sissi Kraner continued the tradition of Rosl Berndt and Fritzi Massari in the Cabaret Simpl still flourishing to capacity today.

"Liesl Müller's music is a tribute to the singers, composers and librettists of the golden era. She uniquely presents the songs of yesteryear. Some songs of the thirties and forties can be sampled on Liesl Müller's Golden Era website. It is also a joy to listen to her authentic interpretation of Viennese songs of the twenties and earlier."
"Liesl Müller, an accomplished chansonniere in the classical tradition and a great admirer of Lotte Lenya and Ute Lemper, is herself an excellent interpreter of the work of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. "


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