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Daniela Romacker has rediscovered the existence of a universal language which translates into a emotional, primal sound. During the concerts she has held all over the world, the artist moves from the sounds of Asia and the Middle East to those of nomad populations, from India to Egypt, from Nubia to Sindh. "My violin - explained the violinist - was made for me in 1994 by Cavaceppi. Since I started playing this rather singular violin, it has allowed me to discover new musical colours and depths which have been my inspiration when choosing these types of compositions. The tunes come from all over, from Russia, other East-European countries, Spain and France. Daniela has recorded a live CD - "Méditation" in which not even one note has been edited in the recording studio. This is an extraordinary offering by a violinist who succeeds in getting inside your head and passing through your soul. Visit her site at and listen.  

Pirate Jenny's is a unique monthly international musical cabaret and chanson night that has run since December 1994 at the Vortex Jazz Bar, Stoke Newington, London. Programmed and hosted by English chansonnier Des de Moor, the club has provided a platform for a huge range of talented performers from Britain and abroad: chanteurs and chanteuses, cabarettists and cabarettistes, chansonniers and chansonnières, singer-songwriters, theatre song performers, actor-singers, and even a few performance artists and poets, by turns boldly dramatic, hilariously comic, passionately political and hauntingly moving. 

Unique in its kind, the Arciliuto theatre, is a place exclusively dedicated to music and poetry. "The life and soul of our work consists of upholding language and dialect and presenting the best music and poetry that has not been lost to time."

It is with real pleasure that I introduce you to the famous Kabarett Simpl of Vienna, a household name among lovers of the genre. It is arguably the foremost purveyor of wit and humour in German Language entertainment. My own interest in the Simpl is closely connected with its history as for some time in the twenties it belonged to my father Karl Mller and it is there my mother, the well-known chansonniere, Rosl Berndt often appeared.

The Simpl opened in 1912 under the name of BierKabaret Simplicissimus. Food and drink was good and the programme of variety acts popular so the Viennese fondly adopted it as their SIMPL. The programme consisted of recitations, operetta hits, chansons, piano improvisations and more.

In the twenties and thirties Kleinrevue and Kabaretrevue were played under the artistic direction of Karl Farkas. He and Fritz Grnbaum developed a double act scoring off each other, a style not dissimilar to the English team of Morecombe and Wise. The entrance in Vienna of Adolf Hitler in March 1938 put and end to this inspired partnership. Farkas managed to escape to the US; Grnbaum was killed at Buchenwald. Mother always spoke of him as the most intelligent and erudite man she had ever met. It is said that the "Aryan" artists who kept the Simpl going during the war, which was the Nazi time, managed to smuggle slightly critical, satirical material past the authorities. In 1950, Farkas came back to impose his artistic directorship successfully until his death in 1971.

Dr. Martin Flossmann, a doctor in law, with tremendous theatrical flair, provided the artistic management in the Farkas tradition of Kabaretrevue. In 1993, his business partner Albert Schmidleitner took over and made an inspired choice by appointing Michael Niavarani artistic director.

Michael Niavarani was born in 1968 in Vienna. In 1983 he appeared for the first time on stage at the theatre in Aversperg. In 1986 he started his professional training with Dany Sigel and Michael Mohapp and soon became one of the most popular artists in theatre, film and TV. Michael's delightful mixture of purest Viennese vernacular and Persian fantasy (or mystery) can be appreciated in the Jek Shabe Irani, the Austrian-Persian comedy show available on CD. In 1993 he followed Martin Flossmann to the Simpl as artistic director, author and performer. It was an excellent appointment and brought consistent success to both himself and the Simpl.

Michael Niavarani is delightful to know off-stage, too courteous, charming, interested and interesting. There is not a trace of conceit lesser performers can often display. In January 2001, Michael Niavarani and Albert Schmidleitner hosted a little party in honour of my mother, Rosl Berndt. On that occasion her beautiful picture was hung between her great friends Karl Farkus and Fritz Grnbaum.

When in Vienna a visit to the Simpl is surely a highlight for any aficionado of humour and intelligent comment on events performed by an all-round talented cast. But book well ahead as performances sell out quickly.

In Gelsenkirchen Maegie Koreeen ran the Claire Waldorff Stage of Intimate Theatre and Cabaret-Entertainment. Gelsenkirchen's International Chanson Diva is a multi-talent, an all-round artist. At the tender age of 14 she sang "Je ne regrette rien" on stage; with Jacques Brel's "Amsterdam" she won the 1973 Young Generation prize of First German Television. This was followed in 1976 by "Ringelnatz" evenings (whose verses she had set to music) in the National Cabaret Theatre in Berlin.

In 1978 she won first prize for chansons in a national competition. Her first LP "I am built that way" was a great success and was followed by "My Bathtub", for which she received the People's Special prize. She appeared on many stages with songs such as "I'll pull out your front tooth for your birhday"; Ringelnatz's "Deep Nonsense", Jacques Brel's "Living Upright", "the Soul of Chansons" and further "Chansons, Chansons". Critics and Public were equally enraptured. In memory of the great performer Claire Waldorff she founded the Claire Waldorff Theatre in Gelsenkirchen in 1989. Her biography of the cheeky life of the Cabaret Queen Claire Waldorff "Always straight to the point" is obtainable at the publishers DROSTE in Düsseldorf.

Maegie Koreen has recently put together a fascinating exhibition "The Art of the Chanteuse" and is now working on the completion of her biography of Grete Keller, the famous Viennese Chanteuse.

Maegie Koreeen wrote about the music of the Viennese Chanteuse Liesl Müller: "When playing her CDs I was delighted to hear a surprising voice, of the kind you no longer hear nowadays, culturally and musically to be placed somewhere between "Piano Bar" and "Concert Hall". In German speaking areas this field of art has not found any new protagonists since the seventies and Grete Keller."

Ben Waters is widely acknowledged as one of the most exciting piano players in Europe today. Bens live shows have been compared to Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Jimi Hendrix. 


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