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Quelques Chansons que j'aime

Quelques Chansons que j'aimeLiesl Müller
sings songs from France


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  1. Paris Canaille    
    Léo Ferré
  2. Que reste-t-il de nos amours   
    Trenet & Chauliac
  3. La vie en rose     
    Piaf & Louigy
  4. Milord    
    Moustaki & Monnot
  5. Rien de rien     
    Aznavour & Roche
  6. Adieu tristesse     
    Carlos Jobim
  7. L'Absence de l'ami     
    Bécaud & Amade
  8. Comme un p'tit Coquelicot    
    Asso & Valéry
  9. Tu n'peux pas t'figurer    
    Paul Misraki

About this CD:

The songs, whether happy or sad, come straight from the heart. Stop and listen...feel the depth of emotion they express.

Paris Canaille:

This song originates from the suburbs of Paris and is reminiscent of the Java danced around the turn of the century. I hope I have done justice to its zest and fire.

Que reste-t-il de nos amours:

This beautiful song was both composed and sung by the great Charles Trenet, a world star. Whatever remains of the loves of our youth? A beautiful memory.

La vie en rose:

During her US tour in 1947, Edith Piaf met the man she considered to be the love of her life, the boxer, Marcel Cerdran The Moroccan Bomber. La Vie en Rose was her song for him. When he held her in his arms and spoke softly she saw everything through a rosy glow. In 1949 Marcel died in a plane crash and Ediths songs became more sombre.


I dedicate this song to the memory of the great Edith Piaf, one of my heroines. Monnot wrote the music and I hope to bring to life Moustakis text about a lady of the night trying to console a young naval officer abandoned by his love. It was a poignant song for Piaf who came from the street herself. Created around 1959, there is much sadness reflecting the state of Edith in the last five years of her life.

Rien de rien:

Piaf in her turbulent life; by 1960 she is wrecked by drugs and in constant pain from arthritis, yet she is proud and defiant. This is a wonderfully strong song of courage and defiance; many will find themselves understood in those words I regret nothing.

Comme un p'tit Coquelicot:

A song of sheer poetry, the dialogue between a man and his soul. He talks of the girl he loved in a field of poppies, his kisses left the marks of the flower upon her skin. Next day he found her dead and on her breast was blood like the petals of the poppy.

L'Absence de l'ami:

Written by Louis Amade with music by Gibert Bécaud. The place at table occupied by his great friend now remains empty forever. A songs for all who have lost someone close.


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