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Meine Lieblingslieder

Meine Lieblingslieder CD Liesl Müller
sings songs from
Germany and Austria


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  1. Nur nicht aus Liebe weinen    
    Beckmann & Mackeben
  2. Mutterlied    
    Rotter & Jurmann
  3. Meine Lippen sie Küssen so heiß    
    Knepler, Lohner & Lehar
  4. Seeräuberjenny    
    Brecht & Weill
  5. Barbara    
    Brecht & Weill
  6. Geh Pepperl, plausch nicht    
    Prager & Korzhé
  7. Surabaya Johnny    
    Brecht & Weill
  8. Wien, du Stadt meiner Träume    
  9. Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzählt    
    Balz & Brühne
  10. Wenn die Sonne hinter den Dächern versinkt    
    Schwenn & Kreuder
  11. Schön ist so ein Ringelspiel    
    Herz & Leopoldi

About this CD:

The songs, whether happy or sad, come straight from the heart. You will be moved by the feelings they convey.

Nur nicht aus Liebe weinen:

Text by Fritz Beckman and music by Theo Mackeben both composer and librettist are German and the song was originally created by the Swede, Zara Leander. I love its Russian gypsy temperament and devil may care attitude of an obviously deeply hurt woman To hell with him, Ill show him the song conveys.


My mother, Rosl Berndt, created this song by Walter Jurmann. The beautiful lyrics were by Fritz Rotter, a good friend of hers. When sooner or later your love leaves you, your mother will always be there for you. Sadly mine no longer is so I dedicate this song to her.


This song is the result of co-operation by another world famous team; the dramatist Brecht and the composer Kurt Weill. Both had left Nazi Germany in the 30s and their partnership resulted in famous works such as The Threepenny Opera. Kanonenjenny and Surabaya Johnny are further examples of their art.

Schön ist so ein Ringelspiel:

This is a light hearted Viennese song, the creation of two of mothers good friends, Hermann Leopoldi and the librettist and poet, Peter Herz, who had live opposite us in Vienna. To the background music of the merry go round in the Vienna Prater (fairground) a husband and his floozy, to their consternation, spot his wife with his lodger.


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