Liesl Müller
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Liesl Müller ♥ Golden Era Music

"Liesl Müller's music is a tribute to the singers, composers and librettists of the golden era."
"She uniquely presents the songs of yesteryear. Some songs of the thirties and forties can be sampled on Liesl Müller's Golden Era website. It is also a joy to listen to her authentic interpretation of Viennese songs of the twenties and earlier."


Erica Soderholm in the World Art Celebrities Journal writes that Liesl Müller is among artists who define what ‘La Chanson Française’ is all about. The article includes an ‘historical synopsis of French singers of the golden era - artists like Damia, Yvette Gilbert, Juliette Greco’. Homage is paid to remarkable American and Canadian singers like Raquel Bitton, Juliette Koka, and Joelie Rabu.

Maegie Koreeen wrote about the music of the Viennese Chanteuse Liesl Müller: "When playing her CDs I was delighted to hear a surprising voice, of the kind you no longer hear nowadays, culturally and musically to be placed somewhere between ‘Piano Bar’ and ‘Concert Hall’. In German speaking areas this field of art has not found any new protagonists since the seventies and Grete Keller."

   You can listen to some clips of the songs..
  L'Absence de l'ami 
  Paris Canaille 
  Schön ist so ein Ringelspiel
  Wien, du Stadt meiner Träume
  In Wien gibts manch winziges Gasserl...

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